Let’s Celebrate the Mess, Together.

A few months ago, I celebrated four years of motherhood. I am blown away by that. I can’t accurately describe what a blur this has been.










Motherhood gives you the sense you’ve been sprinting and standing still. It’s a merry-go-round of diapers and baths, meals and tantrums, cuddles and cries. At the dawn of my 5th year, I’m sitting here thinking where did my sprint get me? 

And then I look at them. 

      img_5126           img_5121

For four years I’ve been riding our little merry-go-round and contemplating writing it down. So here I am, Keeper of the Crumbs. My hope is to create a space to share real motherhood stories… the good, the bad, the sticky (and smelly, and wet). My four years of motherhood have fueled a fire within me to talk “mom”, with moms. I can’t get enough of it. There’s nothing more powerful in this stage of life than hearing that someone else has been there. So I invite you to join me, whether you’re brand new to this gig, a seasoned mom warrior with a great story to share, or reminiscing on the crazy times that were. Motherhood is messy. Let’s celebrate the mess, together!


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