“Medium Mason”

“Mommy, when will I be big? Probably in 9 or 10 days? I’ll probably be in high school in 9 or 10 days…” His little mind races the most at bedtime, and I try my very best to oblige tonight.

“No, no. You won’t be big for 10 or 15 more years. You’ll be big when you’re a grown up like Daddy.” He looks, perplexed, at the stars projected on his bedroom ceiling.

“Well I’m not little, I’m not a baby anymore. I’m not big yet… What am I?” That heart-wide-open, I-honestly-think-you-have-all-the-answers stare gets me every time. He’s waiting, and this better be good.

“Well, you’re medium. You’re Medium Mason.”

I said it as we laid snuggled up in bed, his perfectly medium hand folded in mine, and the tears popped up and threatened a grand mom-esque melt down if I didn’t rein it in quickly. There he was, my Medium Mason.

I went on to tell him that being medium is the most special time of all. He’s still my baby (let’s be serious, he’ll be my grown man baby someday). But he’s also accomplished some pretty amazing things in a short 4 years. Eating, walking, talking, potty training, big-boy bed, saying good-bye to his binky, daycare, sports…the list goes on and on. He’s got all the perks a baby enjoys, and still gets away with living the life of a little cutie-patootie.

But lately, we see a spark in him. He finds a new passion and he’s seriously locked in, hungry to learn all that he can. We watch his skinny little legs get longer by the second as they display an assortment of bumps and bruises from his latest adventures. He tells jokes now. Every time he gets a hair cut I swear they turn the chair around and he’s aged a full year. Sometimes in the car the way he tells a story from his day, or recalls a memory is just so… grown up.


This parenting thing will surprise you over and over, because we’re all rookies no matter how many books we read or blog posts we write. But I have this hunch, that there’s magic in the medium. Medium Mason is just figuring it out… one meal, one joke, or game, one friend at a time. I’ll hold on to that magic as long as I can.


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