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I’m Bailey. Mother of two little crumb makers and self-proclaimed HOT MESS. I thought becoming a mom would give me one last nudge out of the hot mess zone… (tilts head back in laughter).

I’m always tired. Always late. Always making a mental note to go back and clean that later…

I love Netflix. Hot Starbucks. I’m in a full-blown relationship with dry shampoo.

Becoming “Mommy” has been the most amazing thing. It just swooped in and flipped my life upside down. I thought I loved my life before, but oddly enough, through the sleepless nights and the sticky counters… the runny noses and raging tantrums… I found myself. I feel like I was born for the messy, chaotic, soul-crushing love affair that is MOTHERHOOD.

If I’ve found anything to be true so far, it’s that you MUST laugh. Laugh when it’s easy, laugh when it’s hard. Parenting can be scary, boring, lonely, mind-numbingly frustrating. But oh my god, these kids are funny. This whole thing is funny. Let’s laugh about it, together.

Photos:  Kevin Foster Photography